Poor Kitty

Ian loves Klaus.

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  1. And those cats thought that Eric was trouble…

    Is that the one that wants to come live with me???

  2. I think that cat would love to be living ANYWHERE ELSE right now.

    It’s got spooky eyes.

  3. Tammy – No, Sid wants to live with you. This is a picture of my good cat, Klaus, being attacked.

  4. Hala is the same…but tends to grab clumps of our cat’s hair too.

  5. That’s a full nelson. Total submission hold.

  6. I give you two beautiful kitties and what thanks do I get?…pictures of them being harrassed and assaulted by a toddler. OH! The HORROR….

  7. You can have Sid back. He is sooooooooooooooooooo loud.

  8. Klaus looks just like our kitty Esther. Except Esther’s eyes don’t usually pop out and glow like that. Of course, our house is usually toddler-free.

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