She is learning

Claudia has been going through this phase where she freaks out every time we chage her diaper, we are talking kicking and screaming and crying and general hysterics.

This morning she started with me. It was 6:00 am and she had been wearing the same diaper since 6:30 pm. I tried to fight her soaked diaper off and she rolled over and started to run away. At this point I was tired (because it was 6:00 am) and tired of wrestling with her, so I calmly said “Claudia, you can either lay down here and get a new diaper or you can go to bed right now in that disgusting wet thing”.

She turned around and layed down on the changing pad and said “Good girl”, and smiled up at me while I put on her new diaper.

Can you even imagine what this one will be like when she gets to be a teenager?

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  1. my niece used to go incredibly mental when anyone else apart from her mother tried to change her nappy. We couldn’t let her go to nursery cos she would scream the place down if one of the helpers tried to change her sodden bum, until her mum came to get her.

    It must just be a phase that they go through!

  2. Yikes. We always say trying to change Hala is like the whole “greased pig” saying we can never remember. So when she squrims and scrawls away I usually say “greased pigs and what not.”

  3. I’ve had to force and cajole Robey into getting his diaper changed nearly every day for the last year.

    At daycare, it’s just the opposite. He does everything they ask of him without fighting, whining or running away.

    Somehow, he knows he has to follow the rules there, whereas here he thinks he’s supposed to challenge the rules as much as possible. It’s a pain for me, but I’m glad it’s that way instead of the other way around.

  4. I used to throw my leg over the boys legs to help hold them down. Then I would do silly things to keep their attention. I don’t miss diapers!

  5. Sarah said, “Can you imagine what this one is going to be like as a teenager?” (or something to that effect).

    This came right after you spoke of her rolling over on her back in passive submissiveness.

    And, to quote the great FORREST GUMP, “That’s all I have to say about that.”

  6. Early training now means you be better prepared later?

    Maybe she’ll potty train herself young–she has a mind of her own :)

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