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I have mentioned my little buddy Eric before. He is four years old. Yesterday his Mom e-mailed me this picture, with this caption:

“Eric got a hold of a calculator today. He holds it up & says, “look whose phone # this is”. I stand by my original statement that the kid is smart, he just chooses to not always show it!”

Eric would have been -19 years old when this song was released. The boy can’t read yet, but he can rock.

Just wait until someone teaches him that you can make a calculator spell “boobs”.

(On a somewhat related note, remember when I told you this story? Do I talk about Tommy Tutone too much?)

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  1. You can also type in a certain combination of numbers that will allow you to spell “bosshogg” when you turn the calculator upside down.

    Let’s see the four-year old take THAT one on if he thinks he’s so god damned SMART!

  2. Also “Boobless”.

  3. I have a friend who’s cell phone number is 7734.

  4. Aw, hell.

  5. Man, it’s a good thing I have a flat-screen monitor here at work–otherwise it would have been a bitch to turn it upside down to read “7734.”

    Hah! I get it!

  6. That’s awesome. That kid is going to be a rock star.

  7. boobs? where?

  8. We used to do some sort of calulation that would turn BOOBIES into BOOBLESS. Let’s see, oh yeah, start with BOOBIES (5318008), then add 50 million, then 60 thousand. There was some story that went along with it, but I forgot how it went.

  9. that’s scary awesome.

  10. Eric’s Mom (Tammy) also told me that Eric says “867-5309” is his 2nd favorite song.

    His favorite is “Who let the Dogs Out” and his third favorite song in “Blah Blah Black Sheep”.

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