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Goodnight Little House

Because if your sister gets a barrette…

Alternate title 1: Billy Mahoney Alternate title 2: Why Grandpa thinks he is gay.

Just the Beginning

Gabe left for our new house this morning but not without drama. At 5:15 am, Sid escaped. It was dark and chilly and too early to be yelling for a cat. The biggest problem here is that Gabe was taking the cats with him. The Goon Squad and I leave tomorrow. Sid was gone for […]

Can’t talk – Football

I’d love to sit and tell all of you about how I spent 10 hours at my house with the movers yesterday, or how I bought my very first present for anyone today, or about all of the ways the kids are trying to destroy my parents house, or give you ten reasons why I […]

Hand ME the keys…

Today The Goon Squad were playing with keys. They were playing with keys because we are at Grandma’s house, but that is not the point. They were playing with real keys and it was time for their nap. I said “May I please have the keys?”. They ran from me. I said “Give Mommy the […]

Good News Everyone!

Thanks to my father-in-law and the beauty of powers of attorney (power of attorneys?, it is like Surgeons General, right?) Gabe and I are now the proud owners of a home in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. So, we currently own two houses. The Tampa house is “sold” but we don’t close on that house […]

Proof in picture form

Proof that Claudia eats her Cheerios with a fork: Proof that I am teaching them something:


Claudia is helping pack for the move

Sid is a moron.

Yes, that is my cat on top of the slide that goes into my parents pool. He jumped the safety fence and climbed right up the ladder. He stayed there until the pool guy came to balance the chemicals. When I went out to get him, he gashed my arm with his black claws. Unbelievable. […]

Soon to be cold

Well, 33 was not my best birthday yet. The Bucs got slaughtered by New England while I packed up my house. Yes – packing to move is not the most fun I have ever had on my birthday. Gabe and I did get to go out for a great dinner and my parents babysat. That […]

You Say It’s Your Birthday

Happy birthday to Becky. It’s my birthday too. I am 33 years old today. My birthday wish for today is for the Buccaneers to beat the Patriots. (No offense Dubya, Bill, Jason or any other New England fans).