“…and this is our bathroom.”

My Dad has this joke where he will go in to the bathroom when my Mom is in the shower and say really loudly “…and this is our bathroom” as if he is showing the house to people. Now for those of you who know my Dad or if you remember my post about the eggs you will understand that this is just his sense of humor. I always remember thinking that the joke was funny, but kind of stupid, because who would he be giving a house tour to in the middle of the morning?

My point? Today, right after I put the kids to bed I was considering taking a shower – because that is what normal people do every day, right? My doorbell rang, and it was actually complete strangers that were coming over to look at my house. The gentleman had a business card that showed he was a realtor and some listing that were printed out and he said he had tried to reach my realtor and that he couldn’t get a hold of her, so they just tried to come by, so I let them in, even though there were some megablocks laying around.

Fortunately, the lady looking seemed to really like the house.

I just couldn’t help thinking that I had almost gotten in the shower, and that I have a lockbox on my door. My Dad’s old joke was now a possibility. It’s not so funny when I think about it like that.

I once lived in an apartment complex where one of the maintenance guys had a crush on me, and one day I got out of the shower and saw that he had left some CD’s that he was going to let me borrow in my living room. My burglar alarm had been set before I got in the shower. It was not cool and I moved out less than a month later. But I guess that is a different story.

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  1. You had your very own Schneider.

  2. You must have never met my Dad.

    The only time I ever saw him try to fix something he wedged a book of matches in to a light fixture.

    This is not a lie. Gabe was there. I am still worried that my parent’s house will explode.

  3. I got you Becky – Schneider is the maintenance guy, not Jim.

    I remember your Dad making this joke from way back before you moved to Florida. It’s one that my mom and I still joke about today. I always thought it was funny.

  4. Yeah, Alison, THAT Schneider (referring to the stalking maintenance guy). I tried to post a photo … but my brain is not working today. Do a search of Pat Harrington Jr., and you’ll see a picture, Sarah.

    And, no, I’ve never met your dad. But I wish I could have been there when he almost didn’t make it to the bathroom on time because of the baby-safe doorknob cover.

  5. Gabe had to expalin the Schneider thing to me. I’m a moron.

  6. What I wouldn’t give to be your Schneider.

    Just ignore that Gabe.

    Was that a pack of smokes Schneider had rolled up in his T-shirt sleeve all the time? Did we ever get to see him actually smoke?

  7. The funniest thing about the Schneider comparison is picturing Sarah as Bonnie Franklin. I’m not seeing it.

  8. speaking of schnieder..Vote for Banana Blograma!!!!!!!

    okay, that didn’t really have anything to do with schnieder…

  9. I always wanted to be Barbara.

    Then she married Eddie Van Halen.

  10. bonnie franklin, that’s right! i kept calling her bonnie hunt, that’s a different person entirely…probably related to mike hunt!

    thanks for your vote sarah!

  11. Imagine the stories the new owner would have about the house if she had walked in on you in the shower (provided she buys the house…).

    It reminded me of Dane Cook’s opening monologue last night on SNL where he talked about smacking an ice cream cone into a child’s face and how that child will never forget you–hence you have made your mark on the world.

  12. That is too funny.

    My kids love to show people the house when they come over. They give the tour to people who have been in the house a million times.

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