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  1. It’s December and they look like they’re going to a pool party. I hope you’ve started buying warm clothes for VA – it’s cold here! It might even snow tomorrow.

  2. Oh hey, are there tickets to that concert? Because it is adorable :)

  3. Damn. You mean sometimes they come in pairs?

    Just stumbled on your blog. Tres cool.

  4. I bet they are already better than me . . . punks.

  5. Here they are playing a piece by Schoenberg.

    (okay you will only get that joke if you know that Schoenberg composed atonal music).

  6. and you will only get THAT joke if you know what atonal means

  7. Dissonant?
    12 tone?

    Sounds bad?

  8. sounds bad – now you’re speakin’ my language.

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