Same PJ’s, Different Year

The difference in the past year?

Way more hair and bigger feet.

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  1. That was one of my favorite photos from last year. I call it: Ian’s Knee-Slapping Comedy Routine.

    Will this become an annual photo?

  2. If they can fit into these next year, maybe. They’re pretty tight now.

  3. First of all…awwww. Second, I’m totally impressed they fit in the same pj’s.

  4. Are we supposed to be IMPRESSED that they still fit into the same PJ’s? Aren’t the supposed to be GROWING?

    Get Ian a haircut. He’s starting to look like a filthy hippie.

    Boy, if you didn’t know me, this post would sound kinda vicious.

  5. Wow, you can really see the difference. And at least it is not the PJs with the built-in slippers. I hated those when I was a kid.

  6. yeah i think their feet are bigger than their cousin zoe’s – and she’s 3 years older!

  7. Seriously, you gave birth to Big Foot’s kids. Does your husband know about this? Or, since we never really see the husband, perhaps you ARE married to Big Foot.


  8. They get the monster feet from my Mom’s side and Gabe’s Dad’s side of the family.

    I’d love to blame Gabe for their Sasquatchness, but he has very reasonably sized feet for someone who is 6′ 4″. I, on the other hand, wear a size 11 (since the babies were born) and my brother wears a 14.

  9. So adorable!!!

  10. Awww, they sure are cute!! My boy girl twins still wear the same pajamas they had on last year, too!!

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