He’s So Popular

Ian is famous. (So is Klaus)

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  1. those people are not so nice…

  2. Yeah, I think they are people who don’t have kids.

    Klaus was purring when I took that picture.

    I figure that isn’t much of a “breeder” website.

  3. It’s Ian’s first Internet bashing, basically. Poor kid.

    Did they ask permission before grabbing the picture off your site? Does the post even even link back to you?

  4. Did you submit it? If you didn’t, I’d ask who did.

  5. Yeah, it’s my fault.

  6. Yeah, totally not a kid friendly site. Oh well. Sometimes I forget there is large group of people out there who not only don’t have kids, but really don’t like kids.

  7. Unfortunately, I seem to live among many of them. If they could pass a leash law for kids? I’m sure they would.

  8. Tell them all to go jump off a cliff!!! Kids are kids and they are not always perfectly controllable. Plus,I think Sid put Ian up to it.

  9. Those are people that have cats and think they ARE kids. For being so catcentric, you’d think they’d be smart enough to know that if the cat was not complicit, it would probably just walk away. Losers.

    At any rate, now that you’re all famous, don’t forget the kitties, I mean, the little people.

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