About two hours ago – right after I booked my movers – I realized that I was really cold. I went to check my thermostat and it said 75. I am a spoiled Floridian and even I know that 75 isn’t cold. (65 is cold). I put on socks and a sweatshirt and I was still cold. Two hours later, I’m sweating my ass off. It’s still 75 degrees in here. 75 degrees is not hot.

It is almost as if my body decided now that I have accomplished most of the things I needed to do it was okay to get sick. Aargh.

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  1. Join the club. I did the same thing yesterday. My thermostat said 76. I was cold. I TURNED UP THE HEAT. I hate being sick.

  2. I went home sick today…

    Hope you guys are feeling better soon!

  3. I’m sorry. Hope you feel better. Its kind of like how my body finally broke down when my mom got here.

  4. Nooooooooooo! Don’t get sick!

    Just make up your mind that you are NOT going to get sick.

  5. sarah, that is not surprising. stress boosts the immune system initially – then as soon as we relax those germs can really take hold. feel better soon! have tea, hot cocoa and hopefully a nap!

  6. I am so sorry. Feel better soon!

  7. I’ve been sneezing and sniffing the past couple of days too. (Just what I need at finals time)…I’m hoping for allergies though!!! I hope it’s just allergies for you too.

  8. EVERY single time I finish a semester of grad school, I’m sick the next week. It’s like my body knows I have relaxed a little and it’s time to bring on the sickness.

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