18 more searches that ended up here

1. ugly bitches names becky
Um, Becky, don’t take this the wrong way. I happen to think you are very pretty.


3. “how to date a white woman”

4. big nude mama
I don’t remember saying that, but I suppose it is possible.

5. “adult film producer” and florida
While I seriously can’t recall writing about any adult film producers. I did find someone I used to hang out with in high school on My Space and I do believe that this is his profession.

6. ybor city federov

7. Goon squad and trick daddy

8. pictures of how fat people are when having twins

9. nyquil and first week of pregnancy

10. alice the goon & the moon

11. busy boys carpet cleaning

12. kid born with his twin fetus in him

13. sesame street put down the duckie golden music cd

14. boobs squad
15. big boobs free flick

16. my friend´s hot mom claudia videos

17. diaper photos
18. diaper changing photos

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  1. Jeez. What is it with me and blogland these days?

  2. I wonder if it was Heidi?

  3. #6 makes me wonder…

    Hey! Congrats on being a Queen in Ellen’s Court!

  4. I get lots of hits from people searching “poopy diaper.” I guess that’s a fetish. A sick one.

    Found you via Ellen. Congrats on being crowned a queen! (Not that you weren’t one already.)

    You’re moving to No. Va? That’s where I live, but we’re moving South next month.

  5. I did the “boobs” searches. Sorry. Can’t blame a guy for tryin’.

  6. I got one for slutty prom dresses the other day. Thank you promapalooza!

  7. I am scared to know what searches bring people to my blog.

  8. um…”bootylicious” and “big nude mama” are mine…

  9. That’s actually how I always find your site. I just type bootylicious into Google, and it takes me straight here.

  10. I personally like “how to date a white woman”… made me laugh :-) But Bootylicus is great too!

  11. At least you didn’t get any cameltoe. I STILL get about 20 new readers a day through cameltoe searches.

    And now 2 of my new coworkers have it. YUCK!

  12. Okay, #11 is mine. That’s how I really found your blog. But what was I supposed to do? There was a huge mess on the carpet, dinner was already in the oven, and my probation officer was gonna be there in less than 26 minutes. I needed help and I needed it quick. So I did was anyone would have done: looked on the internet. And what I found changed my life, as you well know.
    I jumped bail and chose a life in the underground, making a living selling counterfeit beanie babies to unsuspecting bank robbers who just once in their life wanted their moms to be proud of them. I change my identiy every other month to keep the authorities from finding me, but with that special brew of tea I found taped to a streetlamp pole, the dogs will never be able to sniff me out.

  13. Well, I’m glad I know who you all are now.

  14. ‘pictures of how fat people are when having twins’

    I got that search on my site too!!

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