Holiday Pics and Dirty Vikings

Mr. Big Dubya has graciously offered to be the refrigerator for all of your holiday photos. You can see The Squad’s card from last year here along with other super cute kids (including Little Dubya).

As Mister Hand would say – one of us, one of us, one of us.

I’ll post our picture from this year after I send out the cards, which will be after we close on the new house. I’m not jinxing anything.

Oh – and I almost forgot – SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT.

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  1. BTW…Of course you are on my blogroll, Sarah (since I “met” you) LOL!

  2. i really can’t take all the credit. those four vikings were all over me when i slapped on the pushup bra and crotchless “hoo-hoo” undies.

    daunte was a little stoned after he rolled and smoked my undies though, he totally doesn’t remember a thing!

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