Soon to be cold

Well, 33 was not my best birthday yet. The Bucs got slaughtered by New England while I packed up my house. Yes – packing to move is not the most fun I have ever had on my birthday.

Gabe and I did get to go out for a great dinner and my parents babysat. That part was good, and we’re almost done packing so that is good too. The movers come on Friday!

I am about to be very cold.

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  1. Brrrrrrrr! You are gonna freeze your ASS off. There’s still time to stay …

  2. How do you feel about hockey?

  3. Very cold indeed. We have a high of 10 today.

  4. 10 ?!?!?!?!?!? I’m whining about a high of 63! Sarah, seriously, I don’t believe in peer pressure but, ARE YOU NUTS?!?!?!? I agree with Becky, I’m sure one of us could ‘put you up’ for a while!!

  5. I agree – you’re about to be very cold.

  6. Happy belated Birthday. Is that still politically correct? Don’t worry about the cold, I think it is a dry cold.

  7. Happy Birthday,

    and the high here in Chicago-land today was a paltry 12 degrees. Low tonight is to be -5…

    Why on earth did people settle in the northern part of the country?

  8. Warm vibes headed your way! And consider that an honor as we have not had above freezing here since November.

  9. Running2K’s – good God! Where do you live? Siberia?

  10. Coldest Dec. on record here in Ohio too. The snow from Thanksgiving still has not melted

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