Sid is a moron.

Yes, that is my cat on top of the slide that goes into my parents pool. He jumped the safety fence and climbed right up the ladder. He stayed there until the pool guy came to balance the chemicals. When I went out to get him, he gashed my arm with his black claws.

Unbelievable. This is the same cat who climbed a ladder in to our attic and fell into the insulation once. He also bushed up on the wet paint one time when we painted the bathroom and he was a blue and grey cat until I gave him a bath.

Sid also took an accidental bath during one of the hurricanes in 2004 when we had filled the bathtub with water in case of an emergency. He forgot the whole “look before you leap” thing.

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  1. Brain damage, perhaps?

  2. and Klaus is the one you want to get rid of? or am I backwards again?

  3. Do you ever take your cat swimming in the pool with you? That might be fun!

  4. Klaus is the good cat.

  5. NO! There is no return policy on these cats!! They were perfectly fine when I gave them to you!

  6. Poor Sid. Its like he’s already freaked out and you haven’t even moved yet.

  7. Lori-

    Lies. All lies. These cats were spoiled rotten when I got them. I still think your Mom let Sid drink beer as a kitten.

  8. Hmmmm. Prozac. Maybe that would get hm to stop meowing at the door.

  9. Maybe he was a champion synchronized swimmer in a past life and was just reflecting on his achievements.

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