Good News Everyone!

Thanks to my father-in-law and the beauty of powers of attorney (power of attorneys?, it is like Surgeons General, right?) Gabe and I are now the proud owners of a home in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area.

So, we currently own two houses. The Tampa house is “sold” but we don’t close on that house until the 30th. I don’t know if I should be thrilled or scared out of my mind. I guess I’ll stay happy and pray to the housing gods that the second closing goes as well as the first one did.

On a completely different, but equally exciting, note Claudia walked up to me, put a book in my lap and said “Read, please”. I am so glad that they like to read. I know that Gabe and I read a lot, Gabe’s Mom reads more than anyone else I know and my Mom is a library scientist but I’m still pleased that the kids got the love for book (so far anyway). The downside to that is that I had to read “Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you See?” three times in a row before I forced them to choose a different book.

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  1. I got so tired of reading that one that I made up a melody to go along with it, and now we sing it. Then, at the end, we point out the children one by one and name them according to which of Robey’s friends and cousins they look like. That’s Robey’s favorite part.

  2. Oh yeah, and congrats on the house. Fingers crossed that the second closing is smooth sailing too.

  3. Hoooray!

  4. YEAH!! The housing Gods are on your side, I see it in the roof tops!! All will go well!! CONGRATS!!

  5. Yes, it’s “powers of attorney”. See also, attorneys general, maids of honor, and houses of ill repute.

  6. And mothers-in-law.

    Hey, it seems Florida is trying to prepare you to freeze your ass off with darn-near freezing temperatures.


  7. Houses of ill repute. I did not know that. Thank you Meatbag.

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