Goodnight Little House

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  1. …good night mouse…

  2. I knew the other parents would get my reference.

  3. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

  4. Sniff…sniff…huff…huff…Bbbwwwaaaahhh!!! LE Sigh

  5. I find that picture very depressing…

  6. Lou Reed can fit his entire body into one of those boxes.

    Lou Reed likes to inhale the box fumes.

  7. Lou Reed is moving to VA with you?

    Where are you now?

  8. Little house with A BUNCH OF STUFF!

    Yes, it is a depressing picture.

  9. …and the old lady whispering hush.

    I’m am suddenly very sad.

    However, on a much funnier note, I just downloaded “Naughty, Naughty” by Danger Danger as my ring tone. Now, every time Tammy calls me I hear, “Let’s get naughty, naughty. Down and dirty.” Hee-hee.

  10. I think you need some help decorating.

  11. looks like my house did a week and a half ago.

  12. I hope the people who bought your house get bitten by the snakes in your bushes.

    Okay, not really.

    And anyway, they’re their snakes, in their bushes now.

  13. It’s sad when the highlight of my day was the 14 min & 32 sec. that I talked to you on the phone! I miss you already!

  14. miss you already….

  15. Are you there yet?

  16. Yeah … are you there? I hoped you’d have Internet the minute you closed on that house.

  17. We’re worse than the kids in the backseat: How much longer? When will you be there? Can we stop and use the restroom now?

  18. Alison is touching me!!!!!!

  19. Actually, she’s touching me and I rather like it.

  20. Dude… looking at that picture I feel like I should be standing over a grave and pounding my fist on my chest, then kissing two fingers and flashing the peace sign, then pouring a beer onto the ground.

    What I’m sayin is… I feel you B.

  21. Hello? Hello? [tap, tap] Is this thing on?

  22. Goodnight noises everywhere. Come back soon!

  23. Along the way, Sarah, her husband and the Goon Squad came upon a wormhole that instantaneouly zapped them to a 1934 Havana, Cuba nightclub…

    That, or they haven’t finished unpacking yet.

  24. C’mon, Sarah. Maybe you don’t have Internet at home yet. But surely your in-laws do. Hello! How can you survive this long out in the real world? Come back! Come back! Don’t make me pick up the phone …

  25. HONEY!?!?!?! Are you home yet????

  26. I just called her cell. No answer. Should we send out a search party?

  27. I’m on it.

  28. has it really been a week? sarah, it’s not like you could be busy, or anything…

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