Just the Beginning

Gabe left for our new house this morning but not without drama. At 5:15 am, Sid escaped. It was dark and chilly and too early to be yelling for a cat.

The biggest problem here is that Gabe was taking the cats with him. The Goon Squad and I leave tomorrow. Sid was gone for an hour. He was finally lured back in by an open can of tuna on the lanai and when we decided to stop looking for him.

As an interesting aside – while this was going on, Ian let Klaus (our good cat) out of his cage. I didn’t know Ian had the dexterity to open the cage until this morning. This is probably a good piece of information to have.

Tomorrow we will no longer be Florida residents. I guess I’d better go try to track down those saw horses we let our neighbor borrow.

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  1. So, you’re riding the horses to Virginia then?

  2. I will miss you! Call us and let us know you’ve arrived safely! HUGS!

    OH! And my Mother SWEARS she didn’t feed Sid beer, but whiskey!!!

  3. This is so exciting! Have a safe journey :)

  4. Good luck and drive safely. Looking forward to hearing from you from Virginia.

  5. …oh my. Oh my. Good luck.

  6. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

    (That’s my I Love Lucy scream.)

  7. I’m waiting for you. Of course I am not going over to your house, because first you’ll have to come here and sign the contract stating you will not do anything to my legs and put me in your guest bedroom. THEN we can have lunch together.

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