Some things are just too interesting to let slide.

Hi. I’m still posting by dial-up like a suck, but I had to tell you guys this.

Right now my next door neighbor is mowing her lawn in a skirt. In January. I feel like Corey Feldman in “The ‘burbs“. I’m going to start inviting my friends over on the weekends to sit on my porch and watch the neighbors.

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  1. I’d buy tickets to sit on your porch if she hired a cute lawnboy.

  2. i really missed you and your blog!

  3. Ok. I need more. Is this a go to work in skirt? A junky old skirt? Pantyhose? Do people even mow their lawns in the winter?

  4. Did you point and laugh?!?!?!?

  5. Digital Camera.
    You have one.
    I know this.
    Get a snap of this action.

  6. Is the next door neighbor lookin’ hot in the skirt? Does she have a hot tub? Do you have a spare bottle of wine lying around?

    Actually, I suppose you never specified that the neighbor was a woman.

  7. Wow, dressing for success there, neighbor-lady. Well, it’s cheap entertainment :)

  8. I love people watching – The world is full of silly people, especially in the burbs. I can understand wearing a sun dress and mowning the lawn in July, but in a skirt in January? You are in the Northern Hemisphere right? Can you post photos next time :-)

  9. I am in the Northern Hemisphere and no, the lawns don’t grow in January.

    She was in a long flowy skirt, tennis shoes and some sort of sweat shirt.

    I could not have gotten a picture without being obvious, but don’t think I didn’t want to.

  10. My mom could be your neighbor. She does everything in a skirt — mow the lawn, shovel snow, sled riding, target practice (shootin).
    That’s just the way she was brought up I guess.
    I think one day she did wear jeans.
    One day.

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