An argument against co-sleeping

I’ve read all those books – The Farber Method, “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child”, and I know everyone has their own opinions on co-sleeping. I’ve heard everything from “You will crush your baby in it’s sleep” to “American women make their babies sleep in cages”. The Goon Squad slept in a co-sleeper next to our bed for six weeks and then in our bed with us for six months. Claudia made it into a crib before her brother, she is just a little bit more independent.

Now, at a year and a half, they go down every nap and every night in their own cribs and usually without much of a fuss. Lately in the middle of the night almost every night they end up in our bed until morning. Gabe and I have been letting it go. They are in a new environment and it is a lot colder than Florida and our house needs new windows so their room is a little bit chilly.

Anyway, last night (besides Ian kicking the crap out of everbody and Claudia, my OCD baby, incessantly tapping her baby’s hard plastic head on her pacifier) both children peed through their diapers and pajamas.

I think I have a good point here.

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  1. Ah. Yes. War stories.

    There was the time/week when the baby pooped out her diaper every morning around 4.

    And somewhere before the toddler’s 2nd b-day, he peed out the sides of his PJ’s every single night. Until we bought nightime pull ups.

  2. On the up side, I still say that changing sheets on a queen/king size bed is easier than changing sheets on a crib!

  3. It was in the paper this week that here in FL a father rolled over in his sleep and the infant suffocated. Sad.

    We don’t put the kids to bed with us, but they sure as hell end up there most nights. I hate getting kicked in the head and pushed from my own bed. When you are awoken at 2am by a kick in the head, there is definitely some throttling that is begging to happen.

  4. At the school I worked at last year, there was a family (very poor) where all of hte kids slept in one bed & one of the older kids rolled onto/into the toddler & s/he died. It’s scary…

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