A Picture from New Years

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  1. WTF?

  2. MArk had a mishap involving a flight of stairs and a glass of wine.

  3. Wow. Did it require medical attention? Or just more alcohol?

  4. We tried to bandage him up, but he took the band aid off and bled in the dip. (picture available upon request)

  5. Request.

  6. So, everyone that was worried about Sarah locking people in the basement, apparently it is the bathroom you need to worry about!

  7. I told you guys I didn’t have a basement.

  8. Your New Years definitely looks like it was more eventful than mine.

  9. I think that should be your Christmas card next year.

  10. I thought I had overcome my squeamish-ness, having watched my own c-section and all. But, um, as it turns out–not so much.

  11. Okay, let’s recapitulate: A cable guy comes over and is locked in the basement. There are rumors of other workers involved with utilities who suffered the same fate. Subsequently the existence of a basement is repeatedly denied altogether, but we are presented with a man bleeding, in an obviously involuntary display of well-being in an attempt to intimidate the readers of this very blog and to halt further investigation. Also, my great-uncle’s brother-in-law’s cousin’s ex-roomate, twice removed, has been missing since Friday 13, 2006. He was working for a cable company in the DC area and had six months until his retirement. Coincidence?

  12. Oddly, Mark DID help us with our cable.

  13. Aha! The plot keeps thickening.

  14. The question, then, is this: Was he allowed to go free for his consenting to taking the picture?

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