International D.J.

When I showed Ian this picture of himself he started dancing.

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  1. Now that is one happy kid on the road to a great career :)

  2. Yeah, you are back!… I’m also glad I got him one of his favorite toys!! I love that boy!!!!!!!!

  3. I’m still floored they have kid turn tables

  4. He loooooves this toy Corbi. We have dance parties every day.

  5. This is also the kid when at 6 months beat my kid at a dance off! He’s got mad skills!

    Where did you get that toy? It is awesome!!!

  6. Corbi got it for him.

    Ian was the 6 month old break dancing champion of Tampa. He beat Gabriel in the finals.

  7. PLEASE don’t let him get a job in Canada… Remember that dance champion???

  8. Ick. Chuck D? But not the Chuck D that everyone is thinking of. He was a white guy, and for a dance champion, he was the worst dancer I’d seen hold a title like that.

    But – he was naked.

  9. That is a great picture.

  10. Boogaloo Shrimp in da house!

  11. Someday you won’t understand his music.
    Just remember that.

  12. The “finger-pistol” aka, “Hey, Baby, how you doin’?” pose elevates this photo from “cute” photo to “blackmail-when-the-kid-is-in-high-school” photo. Great shot!

  13. I think I got it at Walmart, maybe Target but definately one of the two.. I had no idea what to get him and saw that. I know how into music they all are so I took a chance……how cool is that? If he becomes a DJ, I want to be his agent!

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