Why Potties?

I am showing you this picture for multiple reasons.

1) We’re not actually potty training yet. We’re just getting The Squad used to the potties. Sometimes, when I go into the bathroom, they come in and sit and we talk about pooping and peeing.

I am still terrified to try this with their pants off.

2) This is my actual bathroom. Nice tile, huh? Can anyone guess when my house was built? My Aunt was here yesterday and she said that she has the same tile in her house and it turns out that both of our houses were built in the exact same year.

3) Because today I had to say “No. We do not take the potties out of the bathroom”.

4) Sometimes I still cannot believe that I had twins.

(ps – words in this post that spell check didn’t like: potties, potty, pooping, peeing. I think spell check has some sort of coprophobia.)

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  1. my bet: claudia will get it quickly and not ian :) choose a time when you can just chill, then take their pants/everything off from the waist down. let them roam and play – eventually they’ll get it. hey – zoe trained in like 2 days! after me picking up some steaming “poopy nuggets” from the carpet!

  2. I have a friend who put hers in the living room. We were all disgusted…but her daughter got it before any of our kids did.

  3. I was trying to write that spellcheck doesn’t like much of anything I write, but for some reason I wrote pottycheck instead. You must have invaded my brain with this stuff!

  4. Speaking of spell check…

    I found it quite ironic that the spell check in Outlook 2000 didn’t like “email”, “e-mail” or any other variation I could think of.

    I upgraded to Office 2003 and it is ok with both.

    No Potty comments.

  5. Have them sit on the potties while you are running their bath. They already have to be naked & the running water may help!

    Anyway, I don’t think it matters if they are boys or girls, or where you put the potty – they will do it when they want. You’ve heard the stories of the differences between my two & I didn’t do anything different!

  6. That is indeed some lovely tile. You are going to have some fun with the goon squad in the upcoming months.

  7. We’ve had multiple potties in the house, but not in the same bathroom. Twins! Well, at least they’ll learn together–and you don’t have to have potties in the room for 2 years.

  8. I’m betting your house was built in 1972.

    What do I win?

  9. Oops! On closer examination, I’m going with 1984.

  10. You’ll be glad to know that we’ve graduated to real underpants for Louis. Spiderman, Buzz Lightyear and Nemo – and after only one day of accidents (2) we have had none.
    We never did any of that running around naked business, we just made it a really big deal every time he did it right.
    If you ever put those potties in any room BUT the bathroom I will not visit without HAZMAT gear on.
    That is just gross. I’d rather it take longer and not have poop in my living room carpet.

  11. Lucas caught on in 2 days. He’s 3. One day he just told grandpa he had to go potty and he’s been going ever since.
    He didn’t say ‘me potty’ either.
    He said “grandpa, I have to go the potty”. He has great sentence structure, grammar and syllable usage.
    He’s 3. I can’t believe he came out of my sister. He’s beautiful He’ll probably end up . . . not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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