Can anyone explain this?

The Goon Squad is starting to really talk. They have all sorts of words. Their favorite words are “yellow”, “hat”, “Mommy”, “meow”and “cow” right now.

Here is where my question come in. Claudia calls Ian “Eye-an”, as if he were Steve from 90210. We pronounce his name “Eee-an” as if he used to be in Fugazi. Now I can see where someone might not know how to pronounce his name if they saw it on paper – but Claudia cannot read. Why is she, of all people, using the alternate pronuciation?

Plus, why does Ian like this hat so much?

And why was he trying to get into the bathroom?

If you have answers to these or any other questions. Please feel free to leave your wisdom here.

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  1. Its very possible Claudia simply can’t say the “EEEEEEEEEEE” part yet. And its just some bizzarro thing that she actually says “Eye” instead. I dunno. I’m reaching here.

    Maybe EYEan just wanted to check out how superfly he looks in his hat.

  2. I’d like to think so but she used to just call him “EEEEEEEE”.

  3. Ian likes that hat because it looks good with his shirt. Claudia calls him eye-an because he has such gorgeous eyes. The oracle says you will live a long and happy life. Any more questions?

  4. I should have just e-mailed Alison to begin with.

  5. Same reason Justin was Jussa for a long time… Even when Eric could say Justin he still said Jussa. I think they like to play with sounds. Also if you correct her each time, the attention may be cool too.

  6. my nephew HUNTER calls sister ARIANNA YaYa

    He’s 2


  7. Ian likes the hat because he knows how cool Jazz Choir is going to be one day.
    On the name thing, I know someone whose husbands name WAS EEEANN (Ian) until one day it was EYE-AN. We asked why, and they said “Well he just found out he was pronouncing it wrong.”
    ummm, it’s your name, pronounce it the way you want.
    I had a crazy cousin who was Mervin his whole life, until he turned like 70 and then went around telling us all his name was MERWIN….that is was Spanish and we were pronouncing it wrong.
    I think his Irish Parents would be surprised about the SPANISH connection.

  8. Funny, though, how I tell everyone I know who spells their name Shawn that they are spelling it wrong, that it should be Sean, as that is the proper Irish spelling, and noone listens to me!

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