Randomness Part 22

I haven’t done of my “Randomness” posts in a while, but a couple of people sent me some links and I think they are pretty funny. You may notice I’ve dropped the Roman numerals because I got sick of doing it wrong and hoping nobody noticed.

Aaron sent me this link. You must be familiar with Iron Maiden and Spongebob Squarepants to get this joke. (I never thought that having a woking knowledge of both of those would come in handy).

Check out The Dead Body Guy. (Thank you Erin).

Allison showed me the one degree of separation between Devo and Disney. (Look out Mothersbaugh! They are the enemy).

Turf Toe is my new favortie sports blog. Maybe my new favorite blog. Seriously, and blog that discusses Mike Holmgren actually eating Steve Smith is the blog for me. I found it this morning and I’ve already gone there five or six times. Am I coming off as a blog stalker here?

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  1. Sponge Bob and Eddie would make strange bedfellows … but bedfellows nonetheless.

  2. Thanks for the props, Sarah. Come as often as you can. That’s my motto.

  3. Great, 1st you hide people in the basement. Then you make them bleed & bolg about it. Now, you are a stalker.

  4. Thanks for visiting the Kingdom. you know, if that picture on your home page were turned around, i bet we’d see a jiggly wiener!

  5. I always forget which roman numeral I’m on…

  6. I am glad you like Turf Toe, and thanks for the love. Me and two other cool dudes started it earlier this month. It is a lot of fun and I hope you keep coming back.

  7. SpongeBob Powerslave! I saw them in concert for that tour! Man, it was LOUD! And SpongeBob/Eddie was 20 feet tall!

    Yeah man, Iron Maiden and the SpongeBob – too cool!

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