A Few Thoughts While Baking Brownies.

1) I know I said bacon was my favorite food, but brownie batter might be a close second.

2) When you are just measuring water do you put the measuring cup in the dishwasher or do you just put it away.

3) Can you get the bird flu from eating raw eggs? Or just salmonella?

4) What wine goes best with brownies?

5) Heeeeey batter batter batter.

6) 28-30 minutes can seem like a very long time.

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  1. As far as #2 goes, the cup goes right back in the drawer. I don’t if Mrs. Shife would approve, but that is how Mr. Shife rolls in the kitchen.

  2. Allow me to be wine-pretentious for a moment:

    The best wine to accompany chocolate is a nice red such as a deep, heavy-bodied merlot or a light, near-dry cabernet sauvignon. The chocolate helps take away some of the astringency and dryness of the deep reds.

    A nice pinot noir goes great with lighter chocolates such as Mousse, but if you’re in the mood for chocolate dipped Strawberries, try a white zinfandel, which itself has a hint of strawberries.

  3. #2–right back in the cabinet

  4. #2 – yup it’s clean…right back in the cabinet.

    p.s. i like #5

  5. Back in the cabinet & drink beer.

  6. no bird flu, but maybe SARS.

  7. Having HAD Salmonella let me just say…..
    I still eat brownie batter.
    Brownie batter RULES.

    And yes….back in the cupboard.
    Unless I also had handled raw egss at that point. Although I’ll risk salmonella again for me I won’t put you in harms way.

  8. #2, I put it back, but not right away: first, I put it in the dish strainer to let it dry.

    As for wine, I agree that a deep red would probably go well, but I’ll put my vote for something a little off track and say beer…but not just any beer! Maredsous, a belgian beer, is bottle re-fermented, corked, and aged slightly, and has a very pleasing taste for the discerning beer drinker.

  9. mmm..brownie batter..ahghgh

  10. Anonymous says:

    7) Brownies should be eaten at 4:20 with a lil’ red wine, all the better.

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