I keep expecting the bathtub to fall through the floor.

When we bought our new house we knew that we would need to replace all of our windows and either repair or replace our two fireplaces. We also knew that we needed to put some insulation up in the attic and that there were some problems on the roof around the chimney. We were also aware that our hot water heater was pretty old and that it could go at any time. We knew that this house had been a rental property and was probably not taken care of the way that an owner would care for his or her investment.

Since we have moved in we have noticed a couple of other odd things.

1) The front door doesn’t fit right. Also, the door handle is in a strange place, so we can’t just replace it with a kit from Home Depot easily. Look how strange the location of the doorknob is.

2) If you turn off the light switch in the garage, you also turn off the garage door opener. The light switch itself does not actually operate any lights as far as I can tell.

3) We have two ovens, but neither of them are regulation size. Instead of cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving, we are going to have to prepare two Cornish game hens. (The two ovens are also of slightly different sizes. I cannot even begin to imagine the thought process that led up to this.)

Yesterday the roof guy came to fix my chimney and tells me that we actually need a whole new roof.

Who will come visit me in debtors prison?

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  1. I’ll be there with you in about a year. Six months after graduating, the student loan lenders will come knocking. SIGH….
    We’ll keep each other company in debt prison!
    Hope things look brighter for you!


  2. It really isn’t bad – it is just constant and expensive.

    I actually love the new house, it is just a little bit quirky.

  3. The term “money pit” comes to mind. I used to live in a 4-plex where the management company did a good job with maintaing the place. We are now renting our own “money pit” Our land lord said he was going to fix the fence-still waiting. Got a hive of beens in the siding- nothing done,yet. We discovered last winter when it was unusually cold that we have almost no insulation. The self cleanig oven wont clean. The kitchen has a weak breaker which may trip at the worst times, like cooking! The dryer(w/d came with house) takes forever…$$$ AC/Heating is inefficent and now we think an element in the water heater is out. Our electric bills keep going up… We thinking about moving…

  4. Silver Lining

    I think most (some?) door knobs the thingy that connects the knob to the latch are adjustable for length.

  5. wow you have a lot going on! it’s a good thing that gabe is such a handyman!

  6. We will have the cell next door.

  7. I noticed how you inconspicuously showed off your collection of knives in the ovens picture. I got the hint and will refrain from any further investigations into basements and cable company workers.
    Also, what’s a regulation size oven? And where do they have competitions that call for them?

  8. Actually, #2 is pretty handy–if you go out of town and want to lock out the door….

    just a merry ray of sunshine :)

  9. sarah…i think mike’s house has some wonky double oven set up too – ask him!

  10. um.. the roof guy was fixing the roof not the chimney.

  11. Jerm can fix a roof. Maybe even install a H2O tank (otherwise about $400 to install–homedepot). We have the same garage door problem and solved it with some duct tape over the switch so we DON’T TOUCH IT!!! anymore.

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