Guarda adesso il mio cappello.

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  1. Sarah! I keep meaning to get to your blog. With my 2 really beginning to move it means less and less blog time. Also my computer is within their zone. Can’t get anything done when they are climbing my legs and trying to pound the key board!

    Sid the Cat post was too funny. Part of me looks forward to mine talking and part doesn’t! Anyway – I will be checking in! Added you to my page too. Hey – any idea why on IE all the links on my page are waaay down at the bottom?? it’s fine in Safari and Firefox. It is driving me NUTS.

  2. Dana,

    I had that happen once. I actually switched templates, but I am sure there is a much easier way to fix it.

    When it comes to code, I’m still a cut and paste kind of girl.

  3. TOO CUTE!

  4. Since when do you speak Italian?!!! I take it that came from your experience from studying music. Yes I am looking at your hats kids! Where did you find that crazy purple hat? That is a going to church Sunday kind of hat.

  5. Il vostro cowboy e handsome e la vostra signora e bella.

  6. At first glance I LOve the cowboy pic. Then it reminded me of the end of Blair Witch Project. Now it scares me.

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