Some of you will know exactly what we were talking about.

Me: “Hey Gabe! I need you to come in here and tell me if this is an emu”.

Gabe: “Does it look like an ostrich?”

Me. “A flamingo maybe. I don’t know. I can’t tell. It’s in an ice cream truck”.

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  1. I do not know exactly what you were talking about. I need help.

  2. Scott’s Vote is that you were watching the Koala brothers….and it is an EMU!

  3. Its an EMU. And he has some nasty flavors.

    …and does anyone else think they swiped the theme song from the Muppets??

  4. WOw, my kids must be getting big. I had no idea what that was about!

  5. i got drunk with an emu once.

  6. since when do trucks have feathers?

  7. Scott and Erin knew exactly.

  8. Emu. That may be the greatest word in the history of the English language. Three letters and two syllables of poetry.

  9. Jamwall, was your drunk emu that nearly attacked me once on a dirt road in Toombs county, Georgia?

  10. The Wiggles do a great song about an emu too.

  11. What about Gnu Mr. Hand?

  12. EMU is almost like ELO.

    but instead of “electric light orchestra” it could mean “electric militant orators”

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