One More Thing that I Will Never Eat Again

I would like to preface this by saying that I was not expecting this to be low fat. But I never really expect anything to have 37 grams of fat.

For lunch today I ate my very last Swanson Classic Fried Chicken (with mashed potatoes, sweet corn and a brownie). frozen tv dinner.

This lovely meal has 770 calories (330 of them from fat) and 37 fat grams. I believe it would be 17.5 weight watchers points. It wasn’t even the Hungry Man version or anything!

I should go purge.

This is what I deserve for reading the box while I’m cooking something. I ate it anyway, but I felt bad about myself the whole time. Well – I didn’t actually finish the whole thing.

I left some corn.

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  1. Was there corn in your poop?

  2. Not yet. But I can keep you informed if you’d like.

  3. I can’t see it…why can’t I see it???

  4. The Kaiser’s poo with corn?

    You’re not really missing much – and since you married him, I’m guessing you’ve seen worse.

  5. If I was on weight watchers & ate that I would have enouh points left for the day to have 1 drink (at least I could have a light beer with my dinner).

  6. Well, if you really think of it, though, 770 calories isn’t really that bad. Not for a full meal, anyway. That is a hair more than 1/3rd a daily allowance of 2000 callories, which is a standard, average diet.

    Here’s one I will never eat again: cheese danish. Little thing that scared the crap out of me when I read the label and found out that this one little pastry, all by itself, represented the worst foods that mankind knows of (not too surprising), and 550 calories (or more, I can’t remember). That’s not even enough to make a meal out of.

  7. well, to be honest, however, I do not know what Weight Watchers suggests for calories per day…maybe I should look into that.

    After all, I myself have about 100 pounds to lose

  8. Maybe it has so much fat that a lot of the bad stuff will just slide right out of you…

  9. How’d that thing end up in your freezer in the first place?

  10. That’s like those Budweiser commercials you remember – Real American Hero.. (radio – they were awesome). This one was from Mr. Taco Salad Inventor…

    “only you could invent a salad that has 12,000 calories…”

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    Jim Mirkalami

    PS: I am a single dad 😉

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