I was so brave. We were scheduled to go to a pre-school open house this morning when I looked out the window. It was snowing.

A lot of you probably can’t even imagine what the problem is here. But some of you know exactly why I was panicked.

I lived in Florida from 1984 until 2005. I got my driver license in Florida. I have never ever driven in snow before. It frightens me. I’m so new to cold weather I never even know what I am supposed to do with my coat. When do you wear a hat? What the hell are you supposed to do with a scarf? Is it decorative? Is it functional?

Anyway – I called Gabe at work and asked him what he thought I should do. He told me to drive carefully and let the car start slowing down way before I got to a stop and not to make any sudden stops or starts.

So I got all ready to go and I bundled up The Squad and we went out to the car and got all buckled in and I was ready to go.

And it stopped snowing.

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  1. Do you drive an automatic? Cause that’s one of the reasons I prefer driving with a manual transmission. You have better control over what’s going on in bad weather, especially snow. At least that’s how I feel about it.

  2. Do they make minvans in a stick?

  3. Go, go, go. Hope you went, schools, this whole thing stinks.

    We’re done, we missed it, it’s over.


  4. We have been in Colorado almost 2 year snow and I have yet to drive in the snow. I mean even snow on the ground. I am a huge scardy cat!!!

  5. How was the preschool?

  6. It was really great. I liked it a lot.

  7. One word encompasses everything about the prep and resolution (the snow stopping)…


  8. Gabe is right. Going isn’t usually the problem, but stopping is. Just ask some of those 4-wheel drive, SUV types, that’s doesn’t stop you from sliding into a telephone pole.

    (That being said, it has to be pretty snow-covered to worry about that.)

  9. It was one of those that never even sticks. The thremometer said 42 degrees, so it was mostlikely melting before it even hit the ground.

  10. For the record:

    Turn WITH the spin.

    Turn WITH the spin.

    Turn WITH the spin.

    Turn WITH the spin.

    Turn WITH the spin.

    Turn WITH the spin.

    Turn WITH the spin.

    Turn WITH the spin.

    Turn WITH the spin.

  11. Go do some doughnuts in an empty parking lot. You’ll be over your fear in no time and maybe even eagerly anticipating the next snowstorm.
    Get a rear-wheel drive vehicle — even more fun!!

  12. oh my god. I’ve lived in Florida my whole life and I wouldn’t know what to do either!!!

  13. I’m very proud of you! You may have to give me lessons!!
    I’m completely HORRIFIED at the thought of having to drive in the snow.

    Is there a place that gives lessons? Somewhere? Someone should!

  14. the parking lot thing is how I learned. once you have felt the car slide out of control and know what it is like to get it back you will not be scared anymore. when it snows for real we will go out and teach you…in mark’s car.

  15. Awsome! I’ve never driven a Suburban.

  16. This post has been removed by the author.

  17. The parking-lot-dounut thing is how I learned, too. Pretty useless skill, after moving to California. Just for the record, Californians are wimps when it comes to cold…I hear complaints about the cold when it is in the 40s, and I’m thinking “Isn’t it supposed to get COLD in the winter?”

    I think I will write a blog about that.

    Anywho, snow isn’t really that bad to drive in…just don’t underestimate it, and don’t let it scare you. Those two things, I think, cause most accedents in the snow. It can be fun to drive in, so long as you are careful.

    Also, while rear wheel drive cars may be more fun to do dounuts in, front wheel drives are far easier to control in the snow…hince why the rear wheels are more fun.

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