Randomness Part 23

Anonymous Assclown has a lot of pictures of toilets. (or as Gabe has been calling them lately “ter-lets”.

I hope Lou Reed doesn’t take this the wrong way, but when I was little I thought he and Joe Piscopo were the same person. The first time I saw either of them was on the same episode of Saturday Night Live.

He Man vs. The Big Lebowski. If you don’t click on that link you are only hurting yourself. (Thanks Mark)

And Rude Cactus ruins Goodnight Moon for everybody. But it is still worth it.

How is the adult diaper industry faring in the Chinese market, you ask? Quite well indeed.

What is a good way to explain to your husband that you think you may have lost your kitchen scissors at the grocery store? There is no link here. I really can’t find them.

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  1. why would you take scissors to the grocery store?

  2. Your blog is flippin’ great. LOL… I can NOT imagine potty training two. I live in NOVA around the fairfax area….. where are you? CHEERS!

  3. Hooray! KDubs found Sarah!

    And really…why exactly did you take scissors out of the house?

  4. We zip tied the double stroller closed when we moved. I keep taking it places and I can’t use it because you would need a knife or scissors to cut off the zip ties.

    Anyway – we were going to a new grocery store and I put the kitchen scissors in my purse to cut open the stroller and I haven’t seen them since.

  5. CHeck the car, check the stroller, then buy new ones…

  6. Cracking me up, Sarah. I hesitate to suggest cutting the zip tie at home…

    Love He Man Vs. Lebowski.

  7. That must be what you learned for your PE.

  8. Heman vs. The Big Lebowski

    That was terrible…so bad, it was hilarious. Of course, it didn’t hurt that I loved that movie

  9. Lou Reed used to be Joe Piscopo in the 80s. Lou Reed and Joe Piscopo were able to look like two different people through the use of mirrors and lots of cocaine.

    Lou Reed digs those days.

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