Celery All Around

This is how I get them to stop screaming at the grocery store.

And yes. I had to buy both bunches.

Now that I can e-mail pictures on my camera phone, you may all be in for a whole new world of what lengths I will go to to quiet down The Squad in public.

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  1. boy do you have your hands full

  2. Rule #1: Stop the screaming.

    If I manage to do that during the day? I did my job. Sometimes that’s ALL I manage to do.

  3. And that is a good days work.

  4. Dude…you give them celery? CELERY? Where the hell are the cookies? goldfish crackers? teddy grahams? Noo…not veggie mom…she goes straight for the CELERY.

    I’m shocked. And appaled. And feeling the need to mail your children candy.

  5. Whatever works. They love holding celery. I don’t know why. They won’t eat it at home – not even with cream cheese.

  6. Ah. It makes more sense to know they are not eating it. Just holding it.

  7. No, they were eating it too.

    They aren’t normal.

  8. That is a great picture. They are going to love it when you pull it out when they are teenagers.

  9. Oh, please do share! I will file away all your little tips and drag them out when I need them.

  10. Healthy kids!

  11. When you are in a grocery store and your kids are screaming, you used “hush money”. Celery is green, no? Whatever works! You put into practice Mommy Guilt-Free Philosophy principles 1,3,4,5,6 and 7. Next time you’ll have to pick up Principle #2. Report back on how you worked it in….

  12. I think Devra just gave me homework!

  13. Sarah,
    I showed this picture to Adam and he said: Ian and Claudia and I said: they are holding celery. And Adam said: what is A celery????
    So there you have it. Your kids are way healthier than mine. Adam’s favorite vegetable used to be chicken nuggets , now it is lean cuisine pizza!!!

  14. You guys crack me up.

    I always thought I was caving by giving them celery to play with, but you make me feel like I’m doing something good.

    I love the interweb.

  15. That’s too funny. And don’t worry about the Old Navy Underwear… I was tempted to buy some myself. BUT, I’m sporting Joe Boxer (sorry, that is really sad now that I see it in writing). Thanks for visiting! I’ll be back…

  16. It’s not hush money, it’s wages! When they’re bad, you can dock them a week’s celery.

    ar ar

  17. In a quick glance they look like they are on a rollercoaster ride.

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