When I left the room it was a basket full of clean clothes.

All I did was go downstairs to make the washing machine stop making that horrible noise.

It takes less than a minute to re-balance the clothes in the washer.

And don’t ask about their hair. We were bored.

Parallel play my ass. They were in on this together.

All this making of a mess must have worn the boy out.

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  1. Folding laundry has never looked like so much fun.

    A few questions:
    Your living room is upstairs? When’d you get the piano – is it your moms? Are you playing again? Will the Squad be taking lessons?

  2. I think twins definately learn “cooperation” much earlier. sigh.

    Love the hair do’s. Especially on Ian!

    Little tornados!

  3. Alison –
    Yes, the lving room is upstairs and yes, my Mom gave us her piano.

    I am playing poorly and with two small backup piano players. Right now I am just trying to teach them where middle C is. It’s not going that well. Gabe suggested we put a sticker on it. I think I’ll do that this week. That is how I learned.

  4. Home from work today so I thought I would join in.

    I think the word you’re all looking for is ‘conspiring.’ Having 3-year old twins, I can definately say that they learn the art of conspiring earlier than singletons.

    IN fact, you just gave me a great idea for a new post! Thanks everyone.

  5. Looks like fun to me. Hell of a lot better than what I’m doing with my day!

  6. I have one child who does this, faithfully, to every single load of laundry. He claims to be helping you fold and “make piles.”

  7. There are photos here, no? Damn web filtering software! I CAN’T SEE!!!!

  8. For some reason, I don’t think your children were even pretending to help. It does make me want to throw laundry around!

    I also agree that they seem to be conspiring a lot more than if they were not twins.

  9. maybe they wanted to liven up the decor, cause that room looks in serious need of some help. I’m thinking, first apartment donated furniture, right? Honey, get with the HGTV program! Style can be fun and cheap.

  10. That’s what I like to see kids doing: causing trouble. Of course, one could argue that by taking pictures you were encouraging their behavior. Which I think was the responsible thing to do.

  11. I have 2 dogs & they do the same kind of thing. I’ve learned how to change the sheets on the bed with 2 dogs jumping on it.

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