It wasn’t the first time.

Now that I finally figured out how to get the pictures off of my cell phone, I wanted to show you that yesterday was not the first time I have used produce to occupy The Goon Squad in the grocery store.

Ian with the eggplant was taken in December and Claudia with celery (celery just seems to work) was taken way back in June. She wore these sunglasses the whole time we were at the store that day. She is such a rock star.

See how happy they look? I’m telling you people, you can shock your children into behaving by giving them an eggplant.

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  1. Seriously, it never even occured to me to hand my kids a vegtable. Not once. Ever. I have opened goldfish at the store. I have bought (and been given for free) cookies at the bakery counter. I have scanned M&M’s first so I could open them and hand out. Never once did I even THINK of just handing them vegtables.

  2. I can do the same thing with my girlfriend. Mwa ha ha ha.

  3. Hey — I’m the “anonymous” poster under you lovely swanson chicken entry. I wasn’t trying to be mysterious… it didn’t give me a chance to put my name in LOL
    The pics are pretty good – my camera phone takes pics like you are underwater

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  5. I love the pics Sarah! NOTE: These pics might come out slightly clearer if you clean out the camera lense on your phone with a Q-tip. Worked for me.

  6. I never thought I could put the phrase “Ah, the power of healthy food” to use without sounding completely moronic (which I still might…but at least it’s applicable here). Hehe. Cute. :)

  7. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to explain to the cashier that “Yes, I do want the partially chewed produce. It’s okay, it was perfect when it came off the shelf.”

  8. At least they don’t need a box of cookies! Celery is cheap and healthy. Maybe they’ll become vegan chefs. And they’ll owe it all to mom!

  9. My daughter is in love with the concept of produce as well. Except she always wants to hold things like eggplants and leeks which I would never buy ordinarily. Then it’s, “yes, scan the partially chewed produce because we mutilated it and I need to pay for it, then throw it away for me because I think it’s nasty and have no plans to eat it.” :)

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