A Girly Question

Guys – you might want to skip this one. It is about women’s troubles.

Question: If you aren’t on the pill and you aren’t worried about becoming pregnant, how the hell do you remember when you are supposed to get your period?

Speaking of bras and periods, check out the new BlogHer Network beta site (not that I know what beta site means). They have done a really good job with it.

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  1. #1) Sounds like it’s time for a calendar! I would mark the day I start, that way I would at least have a reference.
    #2) Beta site or Beta program is a “trial” version ready for people to test/play with until the final version becomes available.

  2. Lori – They must be teaching you that fancy computer lingo in that there college.

  3. I’ve bought a new date book. Now I can remember birthdays, periods, and pediatrician appt.

  4. If you look hard enough, I bet you could find some kind of free online tool where you could register and track all that stuff, complete with monthly reminders about each stage of your cycle. Probably, you’d get more info than you want, but at least you’d know what days to start toting around the ‘feminine protection.’

  5. I now have to tote along my “protection” because my period never comes when it’s supposed to…

    In theory I should mark the first day on the calendar, then mark aprroxiamtely that date on the next month so I am prepared. but in reality I try to remember by what was going on. In other words, I am probably more of a disaster about this than you.

  6. Hey—wouldn’t it be HILARIOUS if you were pregnant????

  7. Don’t us women have enough to worry about? Just stash protection in everything you own (purses, suitcases, glove box, secret places) and you have one less thing to worry about in life.

    It’s like Fixodent and Forget It.

    I’m with Tammy and have givin’ up trying to know what my body is up to.

  8. my palm calendar – i mark in 28 days 28 days after day 1 of my cycle. i’m pretty regular.

  9. As I’m reading this out loud so my husband stops thinking I’m crazy for laughing out loud for no apparant reason, he proceeds to tell me when I will be starting my next one. (He only knows this so he can prepare for no sex) Then he got scared after hearing QoS say it would be hilarious if you were pg, he says YOU’RE not pregnant are you? Oh god we can’t have that again.

    For me, I still get a pimple or two and lower back pain right before it comes.

    Or I ask to the husband.

  10. Seeing that you suggeste men should ignore this post, I took that as a challenge… so I will brave the subject for all men and say only this…

    If by some chance my wife and my twins ever get on the same (ahem) schedule, I will be moving out of the house for that week…very very far away…

    And I do know, cuz my wife has one, there is a Palm Application to download to track your… (ahem — cough) your, uh… ‘you know’… if you are so inclined…

  11. Thanks everyone. I’m going to the Palm application store now.

    Amazing – the guy had the idea I am going to use.

    PS – not pregnant. I started at the basketball game. This was my problem.

  12. Don’t they have period reminder emails – like those address books that remind you of peoples’ birthdays? There’s got to be something to that…

  13. Well, I couldn’t help you with the “Women’s troubles” part, but I could (as a geek) answer what a beta is.

    There are two stanges when someone releases anything software, including programs and websites, that come first, Alpha, where those inside the company do internal testing, then Beta, where they think they got all the bugs out, but want a larger group of people to “stress test” it.

    Not everyone uses both, but the smart ones use at least the Beta.


  14. Um, actually us guys can answer this question.

    You know you’re gonna get your monthly visitor when the guys in your life suddenly make themselves scarce. =)

    (please don’t tell my wife)

  15. The other day, my GF said, “The only thing in my life that’s organized is my tampon drawer.”

    Just thought I’d share.

  16. I just waited till my boobs ached for a while then burst into angry tears at someone over absolutly nothing and binged on every thing in my house with a trace of chocolate. then i knew to buy tampons.

  17. No idea men were so in tune with their women. Hooray men!!

    How did our past selves ever survive in a world without Palm thingamajiggys or Reminder whatevers?

    You mean there are others with organized TDs? Small, Regular, Super, Super Duper, in order with back-up boxes on deck. I confess.

  18. I got one of my irregularly scheduled MIRENA induced periods the other day at work. The tampon machine stole my quarter.
    I BROKE IT getting a tampon out.
    But I got the effin tampon out, let me tell you.
    Stupid period.

  19. careful, careful–my friend with twins who were IVF will be having her third–and completely unplanned–child when the twins are 18 mos. Yiiikes. Breathe into the bag, breathe into the bag.

    But hey–SO glad you got your period!

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