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A serious question.

For all of you other stay at home Moms and Dads, or for those of you that have a husband or wife at home with more than one kids – even more so if you have twins under the age of three: When do you go to the dentist? Or the eye doctor? Or the, […]

Can you picture that?

I didn’t grab my camera in time, but last night Claudia was slow dancing with her Little Leap to The Subhumans. Yes, The Subhumans.

The answer is 5.

The question is: How many poopy diapers did Sarah change before 1:00. The moral of the story is: Don’t let The Grandparents feed the boy unlimited raspberries even if all four of them think you are just being mean.

Spending Our Money Wisely

My parents were in town this weekend and so Gabe and I got to go the store ALL BY OURSELVES. We actually had a chance to browse. This resulted in us buying a big spatula and this diaper bag. It’s okay, we stopped ourselves from buying the sign that said “Happy Hour” for the family […]

I have no idea how he found out.

Speaking of Dancer, or the Eater of Souls or Mr. Kotter or whatever we decide to call him – Gabe just sent me an e-mail. The subject line was “your boyfriend” and this was the picture. Who told him? And also, what the hell am I seeing?


Gabe has brought it to my attention that all the other bloggers have nicknames for their spouses and I just call him Gabe. Erin has The Kaiser, BIYF has BIYM, Dad Gone Mad has Hot Wife and well, you get the point. Anyway, Gabe thinks he should have a better name. If it was up […]

Randomness Part 27

I just started reading “Middlesex” by Jeffrey Eugenides. I naively assumed it was about a place called Middlesex. Did everyone else know it was about a hermaphrodite? Aaron and Frank loaded me up with a bunch of Mr. T goodness. Don’t forget to watch the video. (I can’t believe Ice-T wrote this rap). Bad news […]

I am 386 months old.

This has been bothering me for quite a while now. While I was still in Tampa I heard someone say that their twins were 29 months old. Are you freaking kidding me? Like I am going to sit here and do the math to figure out how old your frigging kids are. At 3 or […]

A Slice of My Life

We were just watching “The Street” and when Elmo said “Goodbye Everybody!” Claudia waived at the television and said “Bye, Elmo!”. Then she hopped off the couch and started rocking out to the “Elmo’s World” theme song. If someone forced Claudia to choose between me and Elmo I don’t think I would stand a chance.

The Pain of Being a Magic Fan

I don’t talk about basketball much because, well, I don’t watch many NBA games anymore. You see, my team is The Orlando Magic, and it is far too painful. (Plus I’ve learned to appreciate college basketball more than pro.) My fellow Magic fans from college (back in the Shaq/Penny days) have more to say on […]

Got Cream Cheese?

Son of a…

The freaking machine at the bank ate my ATM card. Of course, this happened on President’s Day, so no one was actually in the bank. To add insult to injury I was trying to making a deposit. Stupid ATM.