Mommy truck?

On Sunday, the four of us were playing in the kids room. I stood up and said “Excuse me for a moment” and as I was leaving the room I heard Ian say “Mommy? Mommy?” and then I heard Gabe say “Mommy went to dump the truck”.

I can hear Ian yelling “Mommy truck? Mommy truck!” and he bursts into the bathroom (where I was not dumping anything). I think he was very disappointed that I didn’t actually have a truck.

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  1. See, now this is where our husband’s goofyness just confuses the children.

  2. lol

  3. Christie’s dancing thing is making me dizzy.

  4. Is that Snape?

  5. I was thinking God’s assistant from Dogma (same actor though)

    I’m the one telling the boy to go see Daddy in the bathroom. He never locks the door. I learned a long time ago to do that.

    I think I fixed the link Sarah, sorry bout that.

  6. Well, with the hair, it would have to be Snape…although, when I saw it, I thought it was Trent Reznor, myself…then again, I am listening to his music, and that picture does bear a resemblence to him, so I can see how I might make that mistake.

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