I’ll get you, my pretty.

My e-book tricked me into reading “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”.

I don’t know how many of you read books on your PDA’s or computers, but I do a lot. This way The Goon Squad can’t destroy my book or lose my page. Anyway, I was reading “Wicked” (the novel that the musical is based on) by Gregory Maguire and when it ended the L. Frank Baum novel just began. I didn’t even realize that these books were a package deal.

I didn’t want to read “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”. I’ve seen the movie and I hate it. All it did was give me recurring nightmares.

Yes, I know I could have stopped reading, but I already paid for it, and I’m trying to slowly work my way through all of the classics, so I’m sticking it out. It’s short anyway.

Then I’m going to read the new Stephen King novel.

What are you guys reading?

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  1. Ha! I so wanted to read the new Stephen King novel with my book group and THEY SNUBBED ME!! Man, they shot that idea down fast- I am currently reading Bee Season by Myla Goldberg. It is just getting good, I haven’t read enough to really decide, I am famous for reading only half a book though. (But never only half of a SK novel)

  2. I really liked “Bee Season”. It was different.

  3. Reading Inconsolabel–Igman, I think. PPD…but gritty. Its ok so far. Trying to read Teacher Man (McCourt) too–but thats not going so well. Too many kids in this house

  4. sorry, lots ‘o typos there…

  5. Absolutely nothing. LOL. Although I think it’s great that you use your computer.

    Actually, I have yet to finish Confessions of a Slacker Wife. It’s not bad.

  6. I’m reading ‘Until I Find You’ by John Irving (about 1/3 through and so far so good) and I’m still working my way through ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’……..stupid school, taking up all of my reading time.

  7. I just finished Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides.

    I *almost* bought SK’s new book yesterday. I’m still mad at him, though. Let me know if you like it. Maybe I’ll forgive him and read it.

  8. I am reading a couple of things, actually…well, not really reading one of them, but will be as soon as I find it. The first one is “The People’s History Of The United States” and gives a no-holds-barred look at the states’ history, rather than the way the schools put it to make everything look wonderful. Might start reading a book about Python soon (a programming language, in case you were wondering), and am currently reading “Losing Faith in Faith: From Preacher to Athiest”, and is about a fundamentalist evangialist who is now a member of the Freedom From Religion Foundation. It is a wonderful book.

    That is the most non-fiction I think I have ever read in my life at one time. Usually, I’m reading Star Trek or Star Wars books, or fantasy of some sort.

  9. I only read my book over and over again…
    Okay. No.

    I am reading Middlesex, Choke, and my People Magazine that arrived today. I am just waiting for the them to blow the cover on TomKat. Sadly, it was another week of disappointment.

  10. I just finished Welcome to Temptation by an Ohio author whose name I can’t remember. Also, I’m enjoying Borg’s Reading the Bible Again for the First Time.

  11. hmm. Reading. What’s that again?? Just kidding. I am managing to find more time to do this wonderful past time. I need to get back over to the library, pay my overdue fines, and get more books. Nothing like taking 13 month old twins to the library and letting them screech and talk! sigh.

  12. Devra, I loved “Choke”. I love anything Chuck writes.

    Becky, I just downloaded “Middlesex”, and I started the “Cell” this morning waiting for my car emissions. I’ll let you know. Are you mad about The Dark Tower stuff?

  13. No, I’m mad that he “retired” in the middle of a project he never finished. While I was reading it. He’s lucky I didn’t go all Misery on him.

  14. I got so upset when Roland’s girlfriend got burned at the stake (was that in Wizard and Glass?) that I’ve stayed away from the Dark Tower since. Did he finish it? I’m just getting BACK into the loop of reading.
    I used to read Anne Rice religiously until she became so unbelievably repetitive – I was looking around at the bookstore and see she some how sent the Vampire Lestat to live with the Mayfair witches. And now I hear she’s Only Writing for God Now.
    Okay……ummmm, okay.
    I just finished SON OF A WITCH – sequel to WICKED and I am getting ready to read Anansi’s Boys – by Neil Gaiman who it is a moral imperative that all my literate friends read.
    I love Gaiman.

  15. I had recurring nightmares from the Wizard of Oz, too! In mine the Wicked Witch of the West beat up my dad.

    I’m reading a bunch of parenting/discipline books and some travel guides to the warm warm places we will go on our cruise. And “Run, Mouse, Run!” and “Elmo can quack like a duck” over and over and over.

  16. Yes, I read the whole Dark Tower series. The first five books were far better than the last two.

    The sixth was pretty bad. I want to say it was “Song of Susannah”.

  17. I’ve always considered the eBook thing, but never actually got one. Maybe I’ll try someday.

    I’m currently reading “Beloved” by Toni Morrison, which is good thus far, and “A Clockwork Orange” by Anthony Burgess, which is an amazing book, but a little hard to catch onto at first, because of the fair amount of Russian slang used.

  18. -This time don’t take it out on me when you are tormented by reading a book you hate.
    -Clockwork Orange is fantastic
    -Stephen King has been phoning it in for the last decade
    -Choke is great
    -to Mr. Hunter, I had a class in high school that used ‘The People’s History’ as a text. I really liked that book
    -i am trying to read 1776, I am a big McCullough fan but I do not have a lot of time

  19. I have to admit, I read ALL the Oz books my library had when I was a kid. I think there’s close to twenty of them, or at least it seemed that way to me. The movie scared me when I was a kid too though.
    I’m reading Chainfire by Terry Goodkind at the moment.

  20. Gidge – so add Gaiman to the list of books you’ll borrow me (including the Witch ones). It’s morally imperative that I at least appear literate among friends.

  21. Gabe how do you READ A Clockwork Orange? It gave me a damn headache.
    So much easier to watch the movie and listen to Malcolm McDowell and his Droogs than to read their banter.
    Although the movie does cause me to flinch and move about nervously whenever I hear “Singing in The Rain”.
    And Steven King has only been phoning it in since he quit doing drugs. Another great artist lost to sobriety.

  22. i just checked out “congo” by michael crichton from the library but i’m printing this page because i’m always looking for good novel recommendations. i have loved all of anita shreve’s books.

  23. Both Congo and Sphere from Michael Crichton were excellent in book form…it was just that the movies sucked royally by comparison.

    Same with Timeline, though I thought the movie did marginally better than the other two.

    I’m dreading when they decide to slaughter Prey by making it into a movie.

    You ever notice that the movie is never as good as the book? Always leaves out too many details, changed too many plot elements. Jurassic Park was far better as a book, and the second half of The Lost World in movie form didn’t even resemble anything from the book.

    Okay, that was random. I’ll stop ranting now.

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