The Super Bowl isn’t on for another five hours and I’m already starting to be sad that the football season is over.

The Pro Bowl doesn’t count and anybody who has ever tried to sit through an entire Pro Bowl in the past knows it.

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  1. One word “ovenchicken” or OVECHKIN, if you prefer.

  2. I’ll check him out soon. Gabe’s Dad said he can get us hockey tickets. (not as bad ass as the basketball tickets, but still good seats).

    The MCI Center is really nice.

    Go OVENCHICKEN! (unless you play the Lightning, I can’t have that).

  3. I love HOCKEY!
    Just remember, Sarah.
    Tomorrow Morning-
    Our teams are Undefeated.

  4. Sorry…not a sports fan, so the football is like a foriegn language to me.

  5. Maybe there needs to be a renaming of the pro bowl to more accurately encapsulate the true spirit of the game? “The Green Bowl” might work, because unless you are being paid to watch or paid to play, it’s really a waste of 3 hours.

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