Cleaning out my Closet

I’ve been keeping this inside for about a year now, but it is time for me to just admit it.

I hate Big Bird. There I said it.

I hate him. He is whiny and stupid and the birdkateers all sing flat.

Ooh, thank you, interweb. I feel much better now.

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  1. I don’t like Elmo. There. I said it. I can never understand what he says.

  2. I also hate Zoey, but I don’t feel bad about that.

    Maybe it is because she wasn’t on when I was little.

  3. My Mom tells me I used to hump my stuffed Big Bird as a baby. So I guess I like him.

  4. Claudia is whith me and she just saw Big Bird and got very happy.

    Now I feel guilty.

    I’m glad she can’t read yet.

  5. Elmo is the Devil. Big Bird is annoying… and let’s not even get into Bert and Ernie..not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    Though I always have related to Oscar the Grouch…

  6. He is VERY whiny and I dislike him too. And oddly enough I feel bad about it. My all time dislike is for Baby Bear though; he needs some serious speech therapy. Zo is also downright annoying.

  7. Yeah. Why don’t Bert and Ernie come out of their closet already?

  8. I was always an Ernie fan. Something about Bert…I just don’t like him.

  9. They cant come out of the closet Becky, not with Commander Cuckoo Bananas in charge.

  10. You all know that Bert is evil, right?

  11. Wow. I never knew that about Bert.

  12. Sarah,
    Is your guilt trip being sponsored by the letter G and the number 8?

  13. I hope that you don’t just hate him because he’s gay!


  14. That Bert thing is hilarious!

  15. I lothe the very core of Big Bird! I wish nothing,b ujt horrible things to happen tohim, like when that Muppet contracted AIDS ( I’m serious, there really is a Muppet with AIDS)I prayed that it was Big Bird and he would meet the same fate that Mr. Hooper did. I hate that overgrown bird! I like Ernie, Bert is so-so. You can’t really seperate them, it’s like Penut-butter and Jelly. I hate Baby Bear as well.

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