Well, I don’t think that Super Bowl Extra Large was the most exciting championship game that anyone has seen – including The Goon Squad, but Ian got ready for the even with two empty sixes of Shiner Bock.

I think it is nice that Bettis got to retire with a ring on his finger, and I’ll look forward to watching him of NFL Network or wherever he ends up broadcasting.

Like Bridgette says, now our teams are undefeated. And the season wasn’t a total loss, the Bucs made the playoffs and Cadillac Williams got rookie of the year.

Okay – let’s go watch some hockey and basketball. March Madness is only a couple of weeks away. Bring on the brackets!

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  1. I get sad with football being over too. We’re all about hockey but we don’t get OLN out here. The husband hates that BUT now that we live in MN we actually get most of the Wild games locally. I agree, bring on the brackets so I can beat my husband AGAIN on picks.

  2. Yay hockey!

  3. I’m with you on the basketball. Is it too early to predict a Michigan/Virginia Tech final?

  4. I’ve totally been ignoring college basketball. Time to start paying attention.

  5. Ian looks soo cute with those six-packs! He’s just getting his practice for later in life.

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