Tucky Good?

Do you guys have any of those phrases that you say and you have no idea where they came from?

Ever since The Goon Squad started eating solid foods I have found my self telling them that things are “tucky good”. As in “Yum yum tucky good”. I have no idea what this means. I just know that my parents said it to me when I was little. Until I had kids I didn’t even remember it.

So I asked my what it meant. She had no idea either. She said she got it from my Dad.

My Dad said that he learned it from one of his fraternity brothers.

None of us have any idea what kind of good tucky good is. Is it Kentucky good? Like ‘tucky? Is Tucky a good cook somewhere that I haven’t’ heard of? Was Tucky this guys childhood nickname?

Has anyone else ever heard this phrase used? If any of you have any insight. Please feel free to share.

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  1. Oh Sarah, I hate to have to break the news to you…but speaking from experience as a former sorority girl in college, anything learned from a “fraternity brother” is probably not something you want to say to or to teach to your children…

    I can only imagine what “tucky good” means. No doubt a perverted form of some word in the English language when uttered in a nearly passed out & drunken state.

  2. Are any of you from Kentucky? What would Kentucky good mean?

  3. I searched some site and all I could come up with was that it IS a shortened version of ‘Kentucky Good’

    Though no clue what that means. Though I will keep looking.

  4. Isn’t Kentucky where all the booze is made? Could that be it?

  5. I remember your mom saying that. For some reason, I always thought it was some kind of reference to Kentucky Fried Chicken.

  6. I hadn’t even considered that one. Huh.

  7. uh, I always straight talked my kids so the rest of the world would understand them when they started talking back.

    Am I too boring?

  8. I lived in Kentucky for four years and I never, ever heard anything say anything like that.
    I heard them say a lot of other stupid shit, though.

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