There is Something About Bob.

I think our Bob the Builder action figure must have gotten some of that Axe body spray or something.

Claudia has been walking around with him for days. The first thing she says when she gets up is “Bob”. She even puts him in her doll house. (see the dark picture below)

I bought this Bob (he came with a big toy that plays some of the music and has a crane and an elevator) used from another Mom in my twins club back in Tampa for $8. Claudia has gotten our moneys worth of use out of him in the past three days.

She also completely loses her shit if her brother touches him.

I don’t get it. What is it about Bob?

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  1. Because he’s a man who knows how to work a screw…driver…

    Sorry, couldn’t resist. When you leave it wide open like that, you have to expect some sort of juvenile/sophmoric joke.

    Both my daughters love Bob do… personally I think they put something in the plastic to attract kids, but I can’t prove that yet.

  2. that is so cute! i’m glad she’s going for non-gender stereotyped toys…zoe lives in a world of pink princesses. yech.

  3. Maybe she thinks its Daddy. With the toolbelt and all…does Gabe wear a yellow hat around the house?

  4. His beam, is not the same color, as my beam.

  5. Bob’s got “it.”

    Steve McQueen had “it” also.

  6. once and for all, can someone please clear up the whole “bob and wendy” relationship. living in sin? dating? related?

  7. It is just the name. Bob. It doesn’t get any better than that. Simple but powerful.

  8. I guess you never heard of this. Just trying to help you figure this out.

  9. Honest to God (no pun intended for Christoph) Hala walked around with Jack’s Bob last night. I tried to get a picture of it to send you. Something weird is in the air.

  10. Do you have to drink when you say “Hi Bob” to Bob The Builder? What is the verdict on that?

  11. Clearly, Bob is gay. And everyone knows that every girl has a gay best friend. She likes spending time with Bob because they discuss his cool pale blue clothes, and they can gossip about her other dolls. Bob can be such a bitch sometimes!

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