Do you want to know what I think is funny?

I think it is hilarious to go into itunes every once and a while and give five stars to really funny songs.

You see, Gabe has an ipod and I don’t. He uses it at work and the songs with five stars will come up as his highest rated.

So this week he will get to hear:

Aaron Neville – The Bells of St. Mary’s
Ace of Base – I Saw the Sign
Air Supply – Making Love Out of Nothing at All
Dire Straits – Walk of Life

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  1. That’s just wrong…

    though incredibly funny.

  2. This fits in well with songs I find funny. You’re making me laugh.

  3. Evil woman. Evil, evil woman. Teach me how so I can do it to the Kaiser.

  4. What? No Will Smith?

  5. Snow. Hee hee. Sarah’s getting snow.

    I shouldn’t laugh too hard, though. Some idiot on the tube today said WE might get snow. What’s up with that? Is hell freezing over?

  6. Gawd. Now I can’t get Ace of Base out of my head.

    Life is demanding without understanding.


    Does this make me collateral damage?

  7. “Evil Woman” from Queen of Spain–there’s another suggestion for Gabe’s list, Sarah.

    The only thing funnier than “Making Love Out of Nothing at All” would be the remake: “Making Love to an Inflatable Doll.”

    “And I don’t know how to do it
    Makin’ love
    To an inflatable doll!

    (Makin’ love)
    To an inflatable doll
    (Makin’ love)
    To an inflatable doll

  8. Hey—I like “I Saw The Sign!” It reminds me of my college days.

    Air Supply is the first band I ever saw live. I was 8 years old & they played at the Wisconsin State Fair. Seriously.

  9. You are my kind of girl. If only my hubby had an ipod. Sweet revenge.

  10. Damn you Sarah! Now I’m going to have these songs stuck in my head all day (although not as much as Gabe, apparently).

    As punishment, I sentence you, Florida Girl, to spend the next week under two feet of snow. (Oh, wait. Too late for that, huh?)

    btw, it was 88 degrees here in San Diego yesterday. =)

  11. I would be devastated if my wife pulled that prank! Hmm…maybe I need to get an iPod for her just so I can pull the same prank 😉

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