Let It Snow

My first big snow storm!

It was actually beautiful. Ian gets a little bit confused and calls snow “nose”. Ah, close enough.

We lost power for about 24 hours, which is why I recommend living near family. We spent the night at Gabe’s parents house which is where I learned that eating ice cream when it is snowing is okay as long as you have hot fudge.

Ian wasn’t much into sledding, but he liked knocking the snow off of the car a lot.

I still don’t know if Claudia likes the snow or not because she refused to put her boots and coat on. I shouldn’t be surprised. She is the same baby that only liked swimming if the water was above 88 degrees.

As a bonus, Melissa was here visiting from Tampa so she had the pleasure of getting hit with her first snowball.

Twelve inches of snow looks really deep when you aren’t even three feet tall.

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  1. I am glad to hear you survived you “first big snow storm” even though I know this is a fib. I am sure I played in the snow with you before.

    I also learned from my in-laws that it is always ok to eat ice cream. Even if you have had it 3 times that day already. Hell, it is even ok to drive 20 miles out of your way to eat ice cream when you already had it 3 times that day.

  2. Why wouldn’t it be ok to eat the ice cream?

  3. Just make sure you stay away from the yellow snow.

  4. Yay! Snow! I lvoe snow. Sorry about the power though. That would suck!

  5. That would be, “Don’t EAT the yellow snow.”

  6. Eating ice cream is acceptable in any situation. To suggest otherwise is unthinkable.

    Enjoy the snow.

  7. OMG! That’s all I have to say about it!!!

    PS. And Claudia is my hero!

  8. I LOVE the snow :-)

  9. Did I read that right? Your first big snow? We’re gonna have to take you ice-fishing…

  10. Yes – well my first snow as an adult. I lived in Ohio until I was 11.

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