The Obligatory Valentine’s Day Post

I see everyone is doing Valentine’s Day posts today, and who am I to stray from the flock.

Today The Goon Squad was introduced to a family tradition – giving inappropriate cards for the occasion.

It started off simply. The first card Gabe ever gave me was in a foreign language. Something good too – not Spanish or French or German. I wish I could remember, maybe Hungarian. I thought it was hysterical.

Today, The Goon Squad and I got him a huge oversized card with Barbie on it. It said “You go girl!” I thought that was pretty good until I saw the cards he got us. Ian’s card says “You’re a Great Youth Pastor!” and mine says “Congratulations on your retirement from the priesthood”. But the one for Claudia was my favorite. The outside reads “It must really confuse you when you fly and they ask first class or coach?” And the inside says “Because you’re both”. That is funny stuff, and if you don’t think so then it’s a good thing you didn’t marry Gabe or me.

So I took these pictures after I saw Matthew’s blog today. He took stunning pictures of his twins for his wife.

Mine didn’t come out quite as sweet, as you can see here, but we (well, okay, I) still had a good time taking them.

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!

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  1. Your pictures are just as sweet. Happy retirement!

  2. Thanks. I’m sorry I can’t baptize your kids anymore.

  3. Check back in a couple of years – my twins will be acting just like yours.

    Happy Bat Mitzvah!

  4. Nice pictures Sarah. My brother does the same thing with cards. One year, for my anniversary he got my wife and I a card that said: ‘Thanks for a Great Season Coach’

    At least I know there are others out there like him…

  5. My friend Fred and I had a card tradition for years….when we were in high school I bought him a card for his birthday . Then I put it into my locker and forgot to give it to him. Then when we were cleaning out our lockers at the end of the year I found it. I said “Oh, hey, here. I got you this card. And forgot to give it to you.”
    Oh my birthday I got it back.
    And so it went, for years. Back and forth, the unsigned unsealed card.
    “Here, your turn for the card.”

    I used to think that was funny.
    Today I bow down to you and Gabe’s funny-ness.

    You guys slay me.

    I just wish you could give me last rites…..

  6. Hell yes this is funny stuff! But I also think it’s funny to give my “name” to the Starbuck’s Barista so I can hear her yell out “Venti Non-fat Latte for Amazon Temptress!”

  7. that second picture is the real deal – i can really get a feel for what your real day is like!!!

  8. Love the card thing–I may just steal the idea and use it on my sister. She and I can collapse into tears over something that no one else “gets”. I’m betting she’d love it.

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  1. […] I have mentioned before that Gabe and I have a tradition of giving out cards for the wrong occasion or cards in foreign languages. The goal is never to get anything touching or appropriate but to get a good laugh. Our anniversary was a week and a half ago. Unfortunately, I was sick that day so Gabe came home with two cards. […]