Randomness Part 26

You can find me and a bunch of people who are much funnier than me over on My Other Blog. My favorite post on here so far is one from Paige (a.k.a. Miss Domestic), who puts Dora and Steve head to head for a position in her corporation. Yes, that Dora and that Steve.

Speaking of multi-writer blogs – Check out The Blogfathers. It’s all Daddy bloggers and they are all hilarious. See my favorite post so far here.

We had a big argument at our house the other day. There were four of us and I think it was a four way tie. Which Wiggle is the gayest? I say Murray. Melissa says the yellow one, Gabe says the purple one and Mark took the blue one.

Frank sent me this end of the world cartoon. Pretty funny stuff.

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  1. Murray seems innocent to me. Too innocent to be gay.
    Jeff seems like he plays sports. I don’t know why. But man sport, not ice dancing.
    Anthony looks like a Dad that just got roped into the whole thing by accident.
    Which leaves Greg. Greg, by process of elimination, is the gayest Wiggle.

  2. Very well thought out. I will take this into serious consideration.

  3. I’m, umm, a little bored today. But I stand by my theory. Greg = gay.

  4. I agree with you, Murray wins.

  5. I say it’s the purple one. HO-MO.

  6. The Wiggles are gay? Are they fat? Ugly? Christian? Oh, wait. I must be thinking of someone else.

  7. Which Wiggle is gay? Hmmmm….

    After having watched them for the past 3 years and seeing them in concert I have to go with…

    … Murray. In “Wiggle Bay” he remarks how ‘lovely’ a strand of pearls is. If that doesn’t signify gayness from a man, I don’t know what does (not that there’s anything wrong with that…)

  8. What the f*ck is a wiggle??? Sounds like some new fangled sex toy.

  9. NYM –

    Someday you will find out. Oh yes, you will find out, and then you’ll be sorry you asked.

  10. I’m going with Murray being gay and Jeff scares the shit out of me, I can’t look at him for too long. I love Greg so he can’t be gay. (maybe older show Greg was gay but not now) Wow. That made NO sense to me when I reread it. I’m sorry, 3 hours sleep here, kids up since 530am. It’s not pretty.

  11. I’m NOT looking forward to Wiggles!! And honestly, sometimes, I’m really really really glad that I have NO idea what the ‘F’ you people are talking about!!! And I don’t plan on asking either!

  12. Jeff, for those of you who don’t know, is the oldest at the age of 53.

    Murray is 46. Greg is 34. Anthony is 43.

    Why did I tell you all this? I have no idea whatsoever…

  13. All of them excpet Jeff are married with kids. Anthony (blue) started the Wiggles. They met in an Early Education program in college.

    Jeff rocks at 53. In live concert, he runs the circumference of the entire venue on each level. Even the kids in the highest seats get to see him up close. Yes, he runs and the rest of them are timing him on stage. It’s actually quite funny.

    My. God. Did I just admit I know all this in public?

  14. Being single does not equal being gay. Non of the Teletubbies are married. I think it was proven they aren’t gay. Right?

  15. You people have no lives.
    You are all sitting around here talking about how gay the Wiggles are. You have children and are married [possibly…if anyone can stand you]. And I’m sure every person on here is WAY more gay than any of the Wiggles could possibly start to imagine being gay, even if they started having crushes on eachother.

    I hope you all turn into roses and DOROTHY EATS YOU!!!!

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