So Very Proud

Just this weekend people got to my blog by searching “spitting in public photos” and “nude house cleaning Orlando”.


Okay, so here is something I really am proud of. Yesterday Gabe, The Goon Squad and I were taking turns pretending to sleep. You know, fake snoring and all. When the kids fake snore it is hilarious. Anyway, Claudia decided to make her baby fake sleep and Claudia put her baby under the covers with her head on my pillow and said “Night, Night Baby. See you in the morning”.

I’m not lying. Gabe can back me up on this one. It wasn’t perfect diction, and maybe she didn’t actually say “the”, but she said it and Gabe and I both understood what she was saying. I say it to The Squad almost every night when they go to bed in hopes of subliminally telling them that I want them to actually sleep until the morning. I was impressed anyway. Maybe it is all that Sagan she is reading.

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  1. how sweet! can’t wait to hear her talk!

  2. Next time I call, put Claudia on the phone.

    Here are some of the unique search terms to find our blog, “How to get your son from farting”, “samarra semanczyk”(who is THIS?, “3 Way cozy toons”(again, what is THAT?), “diapered spouses”, and “hoarding candy”.

  3. “Sarah Vowell” — that’s my weird search.

  4. Isn’t it nuts the first time they put a whole tought together? Outloud?

    Jack didn’t really start doing that until nearly two. Right about your kid’s age. Hala, on the other hand, already says more words than me.

  5. So, do they actually sleep until the morning?

  6. Rarely.

  7. Well, see, that’s what you get for cleaning your house nude!

  8. Keeping them up till midnight every night works nicely, give it a whirl.
    Of course, they act CRAZY for that last four hours……which is why I drink for the government as a second job.

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