Son of a…

The freaking machine at the bank ate my ATM card. Of course, this happened on President’s Day, so no one was actually in the bank.

To add insult to injury I was trying to making a deposit. Stupid ATM.

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  1. Well, if you’d have offered me the card, I wouldn’t have eaten it. It’s not “core”. I’m only eating “core” this week.

  2. What kind of Commie bank is this?

  3. I’m sensing yet another reason to move back home to me & Bridgette.

  4. Now, another question.
    How many points WAS that bank card?
    (ps only retards make DEPOSITS at the ATM)


  5. That’s my worst fear….

  6. I’ve had this experience. Very confusing and frustrating! Stupid Bank!

  7. Becks Light actually works out to only 1 point.

    That is alll anyone really needs to know.

    If you eat only core all week, you can have 35 Beck’s lights. MArdi Gras won’t be so bad if you look at it like that Devra.

  8. Are you talking about Weight Watchers points or something? While I commend your choice of beer brand, as it is headquartered in my current city of residence, I am appalled to learn that you drink light beer. I guess that’s one thing about the U.S. I’ll never get used to, the ubiquity of light beer. Where are your manners, people?

  9. Yes, Weight Watchers points.

    Regular Becks is three points and Becks light is only one. Even Bud Light is 2.

    Beer is a big part of the reason I have to go to Weight Watchers in the first place.

    I love beer.

  10. Ah, the dangers of living under an assumed identity after pulling off a series of violent bank heists in the sixties as a means of funding your radical anarchist militias. Well, I can’t say I didn’t warn you this might happen…

  11. By the way, it IS totally retarded to make deposits at the ATM. Just have to concur with Gidge on that one 100%. My GF makes deposits at the ATM. Drives me up the wall. How do you know someone’s not just going to steal your money? You say, “I have my ATM receipt!” They say, “But we don’t have the money! You deposited an empty envelope!”

    It would totally keep me awake at night.

    Other than that, Power to the Revolution!

  12. I was depositing checks – not cash. Geez! Plus it was a holiday. Plus I don’t get out much and there were Grandparents here.

  13. I just got notice from BankAmerica that my ATM card MAY be compromised? What the ____ is that? They are closing it and issueing a new one (At some point) Until then I can not use my card.

  14. Do they even have Beck’s in Louisiana? I think I will just avoid eating and go right to the hurricanes. If I have enough hurricanes, I don’t think I will notice I haven’t eaten all day, right? I’ll just make sure to bring my tracker and keep track of the points!

  15. New Orleans is not the place to count points.

    After a few hurricanes it istoo hard to count anyway. Those things are STRONG! (and surprisingly cheap)

  16. I used to be strong and surprisingly cheap. Ahhh college!

  17. Yeah, we don’t actually want your money. We just want those little plastic cards back. If I told you why I’d have to kill you. Better not to ask.

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