The Pain of Being a Magic Fan

I don’t talk about basketball much because, well, I don’t watch many NBA games anymore. You see, my team is The Orlando Magic, and it is far too painful. (Plus I’ve learned to appreciate college basketball more than pro.) My fellow Magic fans from college (back in the Shaq/Penny days) have more to say on the subject than I do. Today we were talking about Orlando getting rid of Steve Francis. These are excerpts from actual e-mails I got today*:

I’d trade Steve Francis for Manute Bol’s corpse and a half eaten bag of Cheetos.

I’d trade him for a sandwich. Not even a deli one—maybe just a vending machine variety.


*I was just going to put this in one of my “From My E-mails” posts, but I just couldn’t let this get buried.

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  1. Thanks God for my Detroit roots and the Pistons.

  2. Let’s not forget this conversation:

    Did I mention that the US hockey team blew a 2 goal lead, got tied on a shorthanded goal, and then went 0 for 4 in the shootout?

    Does Steve Francis play for the US Hockey team?

    Cracking up right now…

  3. I’ll trade you the entire Memphis Grizzlies for your ball boy.

  4. I feel your pain after being a long-suffering Detroit Lions fan (the last time they won the championship was 1957, nine years before the Super Bowl ever came into existence).

    At now least we have the first-place Detroit Pistons to cheer for. Did you hear about the TRADE?

    The Magic got a couple of good players from us!

  5. Hahahahahahahaha. My husband (the sad, delusioned, Kaiser) seems to think Darko is the second coming and will save the Magic. I really can’t stop laughing.

  6. Darko is still young & never had much playing time. He will get better with maturity. But Carlos Arroyo is very good & I was sad to see him go. The Magic will see immediate benefits with him.

  7. I still have my stupid worthless jersey, hanging in my closet…

  8. I went to the Magic playoff game in Orlando two or three years ago (last time they were in the playoffs) against Detroit and the Magic won I might add. Anyhoo, wore my original Shaq jersey. All the kids were in awe. Yep, nothing like having high school kids in awe of your “vintage” jersey to make you feel old.

  9. I also have my vintage (shudder) Horace Grant jersey around here somewhere. I pull it out every now and then to watch basketball.

    I think we bought all three of those jerseys at the same time.

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