I have no idea how he found out.

Speaking of Dancer, or the Eater of Souls or Mr. Kotter or whatever we decide to call him – Gabe just sent me an e-mail. The subject line was “your boyfriend” and this was the picture.

Who told him?

And also, what the hell am I seeing?

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  1. I hope to god it’s someone who was really drunk, cause if not they need help. Oh and I think you should just call Gabe somehting new every day to confuse everyone, you know, today he is Bob, tomorrow he is Zorag. Just a thought.

  2. Umm … chicken dick?

  3. Gruden’s looking a little skinny there…

  4. Well, there goes my appetite.

  5. I think his penis got the bird flu.

  6. Tell Gabe he should NOT be following Matt around and taking pictures of him without his permission!!!

  7. Lori – Tell Matt to wear more clothes.

  8. I hope they play this on tv tonight. I love the sport of curling but this dorkiss running down one of those lanes had to lighten the mood some.

  9. I have told Matt many many times to wear more clothes. He doesn’t listen to me…

  10. It appears that Gabe and I are sahring the same photo service

  11. You’re seeing a very put-upon rubber chicken with an ugly human on its ass.

  12. I think that a chicken on a rope around his waist…

    “his cock hangs down to his knees” type of joke? I dunno, but he is dead sexy!

  13. those bloggers are bigmouths!

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